Social value

At Caudal we have always highlighted ethical and moral principles in our company philosophy. We are only capable of adding value to our clients when we believe in our purpose, connecting people with shared beliefs and values.

In an increasingly competitive society, being able to generate well-being, equal opportunities and the personal development of our employees is what really allows us to help achieve sustainable objectives with the environment and with ourselves.


to the environment

One of the problems facing our sector is valuing the use of materials and natural resources. The circular economy establishes that the durability of products is extended over time as much as possible, thus generating less waste.

At Caudal we are immersed in a technological, economic and integrating transition to improve the balance between recycled materials, reformulating raw materials to obtain products with physical and mechanical properties comparable to those made with virgin plastic. Thus, we reduce consumption and collaborate with environmental sustainability.

Towards a circular economy
committed to the environment

We adapt our business model to the constant evolution of the market, knowing that the agility and flexibility that our clients demand requires the professionals of the future.

We are committed to the integration and professional development of young people to form increasingly technical and qualified teams with the aim of assuming, with determination, the responsibility that we deposit in each employee. Caudal must be a source of opportunities for professional development and the achievement of objectives.