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Caudal® pipe
PC600 ND Heavy Wall

Non-PC drip irrigation.

Ø 16 mm.

Flow rates
2 | 4 l/h.

Ø 161.00 | 1.10 mm.

  • Reusable pipe with self-compensating ND cylindrical dripper insert.
  • The best in the sector of cylindrical non drain drippers for agriculture.
  • Unique sealing ring capable of closing the entrance to the emitter and keeping the laterals in charge between irrigation operations.
  • It prevents drainage and improves the efficiency in pulsed irrigation, with its opening pressure being 0.30 bars and its closing pressure being 0.18 bars.
  • Long-term reliability thanks to its self-cleaning mechanism and the excellent raw materials used in manufacturing.
  • Silicone membrane allows to emit a precise flow within a wide range of working pressures, high durability and resistant to agrochemicals.
  • Wide passages of water along the compensating and turbulent labyrinths.
  • Reliable clog-proof inlet filter, suitable for different types of water.
  • Wide range of working pressures to adapt to irregular terrain and high slopes.
  • Excellent rewinding capacity in seasonal crops.
  • Guarantees the perfect performance of the emitter in any position or slope .
  • Suitable for different types of water (rafts, reclaimed water, transfers, etc.)
  • Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Complies with ISO 9261.
  • 100% recyclable.

Triple water outlet: security in terms of its correct operation against clogging. It guarantees the perfect performance of the emitter in any position, slope or irrigation water conditions.

Technical data


Ø 16 mm.

Flow rates

2 | 4 l/h.


Ø 161.00 | 1.10 mm.

* Check availability in the catalog sheet and/or technical sheet.

Some uses

Gardening and landscaping

Tropicals crops

Red fruits in greenhouses

Flower industry