Caudal® Dripline S500 Heavy Wall

Non-PC drip irrigation

Ø 16 mm | Ø 20 mm

Flow rates
1.60 | 2.00 | 4.00 l/h

Ø 16 0.90 | 1.00 mm
Ø 20 1.10 | 1.20 mm


  • Reusable pipe with turbulent flat dripper insert
  • Excellent raw materials that provide the product with a longer duration and field performance
  • Robust and durable dripper, the most versatile turbulent dripper on the market
  • Excellent uniformity. Widely used in regular field extensions, ensuring concrete contributions of water and fertilizers within the opperating pressure
  • Large 3D filter allows for greater resistance to clogging, retaining potential particles from entering the system
  • Wide inlet labyrinth that allows a high shaking of the particles, reducing the risk of clogging
  • Suitable for different types of water (rafts, reclaimed water, transfers, etc.)
  • High performance for a wide variety of woody and herbaceous crops.
  • Long service life in difficult conditions
  • Excellent rewinding capacity in thick and medium thicknesses for multi-crop seasons
  • Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Complies with ISO 9261
  • 100% recyclable

Available in Rootguard setup for extra protection against root penetration in Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation


Technical data

Dripper flow rates

1.60 | 2.00 | 4.00 l/h

Nominal diameter

Ø 16 mm | Ø 20 mm

Wall thickness

0.90 | 1.00 | 1.10 | 1.20 mm

Working range

Some uses



Stone fruits



Gardening and landscaping