Caudal® Dripline PC600 ND Heavy Wall

Self-compensating ND drip irrigation

Ø 16 mm

Flow rates
2.00 | 4.00 l/h

Ø 16 1.00 | 1.10 mm


  • Reusable pipe with self-compensating ND cylindrical dripper insert.
  • The best in the sector of cylindrical non drain drippers for agriculture.
  • Unique sealing ring capable of closing the entrance to the emitter and keeping the laterals in charge between irrigation operations.
  • It prevents drainage and improves the efficiency in pulsed irrigation, with its opening pressure being 0.30 bars and its closing pressure being 0.18 bars.
  • Long-term reliability thanks to its self-cleaning mechanism and the excellent raw materials used in manufacturing.
  • Silicone membrane allows to emit a precise flow within a wide range of working pressures, high durability and resistant to agrochemicals.
  • Wide passages of water along the compensating and turbulent labyrinths.
  • Reliable clog-proof inlet filter, suitable for different types of water.
  • Wide range of working pressures to adapt to irregular terrain and high slopes.
  • Excellent rewinding capacity in seasonal crops.
  • Guarantees the perfect performance of the emitter in any position or slope .
  • Suitable for different types of water (rafts, reclaimed water, transfers, etc.)
  • Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • Complies with ISO 9261.
  • 100% recyclable.

Triple water outlet: security in terms of its correct operation against clogging. It guarantees the perfect performance of the emitter in any position, slope or irrigation water conditions.


Technical data

Dripper flow rates

2.00 | 4.00 l/h

Nominal diameter

Ø 16 mm

Wall thickness

1.00 | 1.10 mm

Working range

0.5 - 4.00 Bar. (See data sheet). Closing pressure: 0.15 bar.

Some uses

Gardening and landscaping

Tropicals crops

Red fruits in greenhouses

Flower industry